A select number of oil paintings and photographs will be available atCostermonger’s The Barn in Northport.

ArtWalk is Sunday, May 20th

Work will be available until Friday, June 8th.

For appointments after May 20th, please call (646) 641-8545

or email virginiamallon@yahoo.com

or visit www.virginiamallon.com


Raymond Rothaug’s work can be seen at the LaMantia Gallery during the April 15th, 2012 Northport ArtWalk.

Here’s is what Raymond says about the work he shoots with his Pentax 6×7 medium format & 4×5 Graflex Super Speed Graphic and large format film cameras.

"Mum" by Raymond Rothtaug

The human eye is lustful. It craves the novel, the unusual and the remarkable. What I look for when composing a photograph is a sense of wonder, tranquility, beauty and starkness. A piece of art is intended to evoke an emotion. My intention is to give the subject a personality. My photographs encompass a series of vignettes involving objects, landscapes and urban landscapes that most people don’t stop to appreciate. They are more than just those objects that they represent. Through the lens I pre-visualize the final print. Once the shutter fires, the captured image holds a feeling and a spirit, a personality. My goal is that they incite a feeling in the viewer, warmth, loneliness, happiness, love, sadness, all beautiful in their own way, brought on through the use of light, composition, contrast and color or the lack there of. Each image is printed on an individual basis to enhance the artistic intention.

We ar lucky to be surrounded by such a varied landscape here in New Your. We have endless white sand beaches and beautiful oceans, forests and lakes, as well as the most interesting city in the world all within reach. I am fortunate to be able to make art while being inspired, and surrounded by this incredible diverse beauty.

"Snow Fence" by Raymond Rothaug

Happiness by Ela Dokonal

View Ela’s work at Bru na Bo during the April 15th, 2012 Northport ArtWalk.

Ela’s innovative exhibit “The Interactive Art Experiment” included 8 mixed media paintings that together presented a short story about a village and its struggle to revive local economy.

The Village by Ela Dokonal

Each painting had a storyboard text associated with it, that was placed on a mobile site. Each painting has a QR code embedded into the painting itself, integrated with the scene depicted.

Thus, a visitor could interact with the painting not only in a usual way, by enjoying the art, but also by using a mobile phone to scan the code and read the associated text of the story. To further underscore this business and art coalition, the mobile pages also included offers from local businesses, encouraging the “buy local” message promoted by the local Chamber of Commerce.

Marching Forward by Ela Dokonal

To explain all this and offer the text to users without mobile phones and scanners, the story is also captured in the brochure.

To view more of Ela Dokonal’s work please visit her websites at:

http://studioleed.com and